• 1 location
  • 1 hour
  • 15 digital images

*additional cost over 6 people


"Photos are an archive of memories. Not just for the generation to hold and cherish, but for all those generations after. Photos act as a journal encapsulating history, from fashion, to trends, and beyond that, (hopefully) smiling faces. Joe documented our family with ease as he was able to get our young children and dog all looking at the camera with happy, smiling faces. Joe offered us a gift we can look at years (and possibly) generations to come. His creative photographic style, his natural ease with people, and his affordability will have us using Joe for decades to come."


"Joe is so easy to work with! He can roll with the punches and adapt to any situation. I'm always amazed at how easily he can take our chaos and capture true, authentic family moments in the most beautiful light. We absolutely love our photos and look forward to working with Joe for many years to come!"


"We can’t speak highly enough of our experience working with Joe! He was wonderful with our 2 year old, and helped us all feel comfortable throughout the shoot. We are beyond happy with our photos, he perfectly captured our family!"